Has political correctness finished with Muslims?

Has political correctness finished with Muslims? by Sam Gerrans. An op-ed in Russia Today, something you would never find now in the PC-soaked west.

Muslims are problematical for Western minds in the bizarre and evolving world of self-inflicted psychosis which is political correctness.

You don’t say.

When the wind blows favorably for them Muslims enjoy untouchable status and can move en masse to a nice Western country – either under the rubric of the fact that theirs has been destroyed by the central banking cartel, or because it has been made so unbearable by Traditionalist Islam that no-one with intellectual or economic aspirations wants to live there. Dispossessed Europeans in Zimbabwe or South Africa enjoy no such privileges, however. …

Their problem – like that of all those whose supposed interests temporarily correspond with those of the ruling elite – is that they are pawns in the game. Believing your own propaganda is bad enough. Believing propaganda created for you by those whose strategy includes you only as part of a pincer movement on an unrelated target is, frankly, silly. …

That applies to many of the groups favored by the PC of the day.

Europeans who don’t like the agenda attack with religion because they are terrified of accusations of racism. But this is now a weak card. Meanwhile, Muslims parry and attack with both race and religion – not because either is the actual point, but because they sense they have lucked into a game they do not control and which, therefore, can easily turn on them. Both camps are in fundamentally defensive positions, trying to negotiate the least bad deal they can get in an environment they didn’t design, do not control, and typically cannot understand.

Tribe is predicated on an axiomatically accepted exclusion of the other. Political correctness pretends there is no such thing as tribe and no such thing as other – in fact, it celebrates it and enforces it.

Leftist politicians are increasingly finding votes in dividing us by race and gender, encouraging more tribalness whilst simultaneously encouraging the erasure of borders and tribes. This is quite contradictory, which has the benefit of allowing PC selective enforcement of whatever is convenient, in pursuit of power and money. It has the drawback of always being hypocritical, but with the help of a sympathetic media most people won’t notice much of the time.

hat-tip Stephen Neil