Australian Capital Territory makes it illegal to “vilify” Islam

Australian Capital Territory makes it illegal to “vilify” Islam, by Kirsten Lawson.

Vilification on the grounds of religion is now illegal and in serious cases could result in a criminal conviction with a fine of up to $7500, under laws passed by the ACT parliament on Thursday.

Both Labor and Liberal supported the move put by the Greens Shane Rattenbury, who said the display of hatred, intolerance and offensive behaviour towards Muslims was one of the biggest intolerance issues in Australia today.

The law also applies to Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, but it won’t be applied evenly. We all know what they really mean. If you’re PC you can say what you want without fear of legal sanction, but if not… These laws are just used by a PC bureaucracy to suppress non-PC speech.

Aren’t the centuries-old laws about incitement to violence, slander, and defamation good enough any more? Is quoting from the Koran still ok? What if Muslims quote from the Koran? Is quoting Muslims ok? What about this?

The latest issue of Dabiq offers a timely corrective to the Pope’s loose grasp on the reality of jihadism. Titled “Break the Cross”, its cover depicts a jihadist desecrating a church by destroying the cross on its steeple. Its authors urge Muslims to subjugate Christians and kill those who refuse to submit. Subjugation takes the form of cultural genocide. In the caliphate, Christians are banned from building or rebuilding churches, wearing the cross and openly practising their faith. They are required to “make room for Muslims and stand for them when they want to sit”. And they are forced to pay Muslims a hate tax, jizya, simply for being Christian. As the jihadists state, the purpose of the tax is to elevate Muslims over Christians and Jews.

The new legislation didn’t stop there:

Protections against discrimination (as opposed to vilification) were also extended on Thursday, with new bans on discrimination on the basis of accommodation status, employment status, genetic information, immigration status, intersex status, physical features, altered sex, and being a victim of domestic and family violence.

We should stop discrimination against people with low IQ, and those who are born lazy too. If less than half the people at a workplace are below average IQ, then that is evidence of discrimination — and that includes Parliament, the ABC, and NGOs. All jobs, including the PM’s, should be awarded by a lottery. Cushy taxpayer jobs too — the PC crew have been hogging nearly all of them.

hat-tip Joanne