Turnbull government losing its party members and donations, as it implements Labor policy and trashes its base

Turnbull government losing its party members and donations, as it implements Labor policy and trashes its base, by Grace Collier.

Turnbull is the best Labor leader the Liberals ever had:

The parliamentary term is just beginning but already Bill Shorten seems to be running the country by proxy, and the Liberals seem to be running on empty.

Who knows what the Turnbull government stands for or where it is taking us? More important, how many of its traditional supporters even care? The base has been slapped in the face one too many times.

At the election last month, Liberal voters fired a warning shot by voting against the party in the upper house. Without real change, next time the lower house votes will go elsewhere too. The government appears to be adopting Labor’s agenda and making a cowardly attack on its supporters in the process. …

Senior Liberals concede that at the next election, they will need to pay people to hand out how to vote cards. Where will the money come from? No one knows. …

Superannuation policy is proving deadly for the Liberals:

All this, and branches around the country are now in open revolt. Tony Abbott’s foolish deficit levy was an insult begrudgingly endured, but the superannuation policy is madness and many will fight it to the death.

Take the federal electorate of Higgins in Victoria. According to several sources within the electorate, donations towards the sitting member, Kelly O’Dwyer, are drying up. According to insiders, there are two plans being floated, both designed to remove O’Dwyer because of her advocacy for the policy. … O’Dwyer is said to be panicking … This isn’t a case of a few disgruntled nuff-nuffs having a rhetorical whinge. These people are substantial, with significant resources and serious intentions. … Supporters feel O’Dwyer is not sticking up for the people who put her into the privileged position she enjoys today. …

At this point, the government is giving every indication the policy will not be amended substantially. Before the election, it begged people to back off their criticism with promises of change later. Now, it claims it has a mandate to proceed with the policy unaltered. Treachery of this kind will not be forgotten.