Iran Humiliates Obama: Airs Footage of $400 Million ‘Ransom’ For Hostages

Iran Humiliates Obama: Airs Footage of $400 Million ‘Ransom’ For Hostages, by James Barrett. Back on January 17, Iran released four Americans, which the Obama administration sold as a “break through.” Obama said nothing about any money at the time. But in the last week it has come to light that the Obama administration secretly airlifted wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies on an unmarked cargo plane to Iran. There were no US dollars, in order to skirt US law. There were no suitcases of money, because a suitcase can only a million dollars or so — no, there were pallets of cash.

Hostages were released, a huge  amount of cash was paid to the hostage takers at exactly the same time as the release, but Obama insists it was not a ransom but a coincidence. If you can be bothered, here is seven minutes of obfuscation from a PC wordsmith denying the obvious:

Now even the Iranians say it was a ransom:

Now, footage aired on Iran’s state-controlled television has surfaced that purports to show that cargo plane-load of cash.

Iran has aired a documentary created a few months ago containing footage of pallets of millions in foreign currency that the video claims was part of the “expensive price” the Obama administration paid to free the four U.S. hostages in January. …

The video also claims that the Obama administration insisted that Iranian officials keep the transfer of money absolutely secret and threatened them should they leak information to the press. Clearly, the Iranians aren’t overly concerned about threats from this administration.

Talk about a weak horse. Western leadership is way too mendacious. This is embarrassing. The Iranians get to build nukes once Obama is gone, and the media lets Obama get away with another pack of lies and dangerously counter-productive foreign policy. The media are letting us down badly, by not criticizing politicians on the left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil