Western media shuts its eyes to persecution of Christians by IS

Western media shuts its eyes to persecution of Christians by IS, by Greg Sheridan.

There is one minority group that is more persecuted than any other in the world, persecuted more frequently, more widely and with more intensity.

There is indeed in one substantial region an explicit campaign of genocide being carried out against this group.

Yet you will hardly ever hear about it in the Western media.

The minority group in question is Christians. A terrible process of ethnic and religious cleansing of Christians from the Middle East is strongly in train. Although especially acute in Syria and Iraq, this reflects, and is a kind of grim culmination of, dynamics at work for decades, indeed for centuries.

The western media and political correctness are implicated as enablers:

But the active persecution of Christians extends far beyond the Middle East.

The Western media is imprisoned in a kind of psychotic fantasy loop that makes it all but ignore this historic drama. The postmodern ideological mindset of most Western media attributes all the world’s international ills to Western colonialism, neo-colonialism, capitalism and militarism, and in all instances (except Israel) the villains are nominally, or formerly, Christian states of the West.

Therefore the Western media cannot bring itself to describe, much less make moral judgments about, the savage persecution of Christians.

According to a study by the non-partisan Pew Research Centre, Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world. In 2014, according to this study, Christians were persecuted and harassed by government or the general society in 108 countries, an increase from 102 the year before. …

The media could at least alert people about it. How much airplay has it received on the ABC, compared to truly important things like whether Rolf Harris or Cardinal Pell might have fondled some kids decades ago?

Even if the world cannot stop this persecution, it at least discusses such issues. There is very little open discussion of the systematic persecution of Christians. …

The scale of the genocide is huge. Guess it must be one of those genocides, like in communist Russia, China, or Cambodia, that the PC media does want to not discuss for ideological reasons:

A century ago, about one in seven people in the Middle East were Christian. Today the figure is less than one in 25, and the proportion continues to decline.

The process resembles the savage persecution that led to the exodus of nearly a million Jews from Arab and Muslim countries in the region after World War 11. …

The scale of the tragedy in Iraq and Syria is immense. Once there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. Perhaps 10 per cent of those remain there now, and most of them would leave if they could.