Why Amish Kids Get Less Asthma: It’s the Cows

Why Amish Kids Get Less Asthma: It’s the Cows, by Sara Miller.

One way to reduce children’s rates of asthma may come from dairy farms, a new study finds. … Kids who grow up in Amish communities have much lower rates of asthma than the general population, potentially thanks to their exposure to the communities’ dairy farms at an early age, according to the study, published today (Aug. 3) in the New England Journal of Medicine. …

The researchers think that the potentially beneficial bacteria or fungi in Amish house dust can probably be traced back to the Amish dairy farms. … Ober said that she envisions an air mister that parents could use in a child’s bedroom during their first year of life, that would spray the beneficial microbes into the air.

hat-tip Barry Corke