Facebook; Dominance and submission among the left’s virtue signalling apes

Facebook; Dominance and submission among the left’s virtue signalling apes, by Lindsey Dearnley.

The online world, like the world offline, is in the grip of social Marxism … The same old circulated material signals one’s belonging to a particular ethos …

Virtue-signaling apes have little clue about reality

I log in and the first image I am greeted with is a poster showing a Muslim child and a white child hugging, `Nobody is born racist` it states in bold Ariel font. Then a demand to `share this post if you agree`. There isn’t anything innocuous or repellent about the statement itself, and the image is both positive and comforting, but these memes circulate in the wake of violence, and contribute nothing to the understanding of adult religious relations.

The online virtue signalers remain protected from their juvenile refusal to engage in the real world by our society’s past accomplishments and waning power. But what if the one day the real world burst into their pampered existence and provided some feedback — would they act sensible or die? Clint Eastwood obviously felt they weren’t up to the task.

If there is one thing I’ve learned to my chagrin ­is that arguing facts with people who are not interested in real enquiry only serves to mark me out as somebody to avoid.

hat-tip from that scourge of the virtue signalers, Stephen Neil