ALP breaks ranks on indigenous recognition: Supports Aboriginal separatism

ALP breaks ranks on indigenous recognition: Supports Aboriginal separatism, by Amos Aikman and Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Bill Shorten has imperilled the ­indigenous referendum by breaking bipartisanship on the issue to support a radical form of reconciliation aimed at pushing a treaty-like process designed to ­resolve grievances dating back to European settlement.

The Opposition Leader yesterday backed plans unveiled by Cape York leader Noel Pearson at the weekend for constitutional ­reform to insert a “hook” into the nation’s birth certificate, off which could then be hung a settlement process likely to see individual First Nations bodies strike a network of deals covering large parts of the continent.

Mr Shorten sided with Mr Pearson and Arnhem Land leader Galarrwuy Yunupingu in calling for the radical approach just as the Referendum Council, established in December to chart the next steps, has heard warnings from ­indigenous people that recognition without some form of ­treaty would be unacceptable.

Sadly, the ALP has become the party of racism and sexism, gradually twisting the definitions of these prejudices around near 180 degrees over the last few decades.

Racism and sexism are prejudices: “pre” – “judicium”. It is making a judgement about people before you know them, to treat them differently on the basis of their race or sex alone. After WWII and in the UN documents of that time, this is what racial discrimination meant. This is what Martin Luther King wanted to end when he had a dream, where people were judged by their character rather than by their skin color.

Now the ALP wants some Australians to be treated one way, and others another way, based on their race. That’s racist, a prejudice, and ugly.

The ALP has done the same on sex for at least two decades. If a sister and brother were to join the ALP, they would be treated differently due to their sexes alone. She would go into one pool of pre-selection candidates, he into another — the ALP rules are that a certain percentage of pre-selected candidates must be from each sex, so it is anything but sex-blind. Also, she would be eligible for benefits such as joining various training programs for political development, and he would not get that assistance because of his sex. That’s sexist, a prejudice, and ugly.

The ALP have decided to embark on a divisive path in Australia, with different rules for different races. This is how it starts. In South Africa, that thinking led to Apartheid. I would rather a country where everyone had the same legal rights, were equal under the law. But our elitist ALP has calculated that it can gain political advantage from separatism and division, unequal treatment under the law, so decades of strife and division lies ahead.

Notice how the ALP will now have the usual problem of racists — how do you decide who is of one race, and who is of another? After all, race is the basis of legal treatment, so the government must classify everyone by race. The Apartheid-era South Africans used to judge by the extent of some physical characteristics, and the race bureaucrats there would sometimes classify siblings differently! Now the ALP wants to bring that sort of nonsense to Australia.

The ALP is running counter to the tide of history, which is for movement towards equality of opportunity and equal treatment under the law. The ALP are an emerging aristocratic and taxpayer-funded economic elite who wish to reimpose a system of unequal privileges of race, sex, class etc, as administered by them. Not progressive.