Trump & Religious Conservatives

Trump & Religious Conservatives, by Rod Dreher.

Democrats see [religious liberty] as a code phrase for anti-gay bigotry, which they are determined to stamp out, no matter what.

The Democratic Party is the enemy of religious conservatives. … Religious conservatives now find ourselves in the same relationship to the GOP as gays were to the Democrats in the Clinton era: they’re not really our friends, but they’re not our enemies either, so we’ll take what we can.

But … Trump? I am not going to recite again the litany of reasons why he is unacceptable to religious conservatives like me.

This is not a happy election for the conservatively religious:

If you want to know how traditional Christians are going to be treated in law and policy under Democratic rule, consider that they believe we are no different from racists. All of society is moving this way, of course, but Republicans more slowly than Democrats.


The Democrats view religious liberty as on par with racism. What will their policies therefore be?

Good points about Reaganism:

I let go of Reaganism a long time ago, because it really does have very little to do with the world we live in now, and the challenges facing us. Religious conservatives who allow their thinking to be conditioned by Reagan nostalgia are doing themselves no favors. He left office nearly 30 years ago! The world has changed.

One big reason the GOP finds itself in the terrible mess it does with Trump is that the Republican establishment could not bring itself to think beyond Reaganism, which had degenerated into platitudes.

hat-tip Stephen Neil