‘Islam is now front & center of Turkey’s foreign policy’

‘Islam is now front & center of Turkey’s foreign policy’, by RT.

In Turkey, an anti-US rally has been held at the NATO airbase in Incirlik. People waved Turkish flags and chanted anti-US slogans. The base is a crucial US facility, home to 2,000 American troops as well as 250 German soldiers, and most importantly, the base houses nuclear warheads. …

Because so many Turks have become Islamists because Erdogan has become their president, because Islam has become the front and center of their foreign policy. And in times of crisis people don’t think logically. They think culturally, if you will. For 500 years, Ottomans and Europeans were at odds with one another.

For 50 years there was no war. During NATO times, Turkey joined the Western alliance. And now that there is no Soviet Union, Turkey feels that the whole West is against it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil