Hillary Won’t Win Presidency, DNC and Clinton Exposed for Rigging Democratic Primary, Economic Update and Global War Heating Up

Hillary Won’t Win Presidency, DNC and Clinton Exposed for Rigging Democratic Primary, Economic Update and Global War Heating Up, by Greg Hunter. There is quite a lot of commentary like this floating around on quality websites, with a point of view that is not making it into the media.

It’s now been totally exposed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rigged the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. This is a turning point that says no way Clinton can be elected without nearly half the Democrat voters that supported Bernie Sanders.

A WikiLeaks email dump at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia showed clear evidence the DNC committed fraud and collusion against all candidates and rigged the Primary in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Outraged and disenfranchised Sanders voters are protesting by the thousands, and yet, the mainstream media, by and large, will not cover the protests taking place outside the DNC convention.  These are mostly young people who voted or worked diligently for the Sander’s campaign.  …Clinton will get only a small percentage of Sander’s voters, and the rest will vote for Donald Trump, another candidate or simply say home.  Hillary is toast and will not become the President of the United States.

The narrative presented by the US media, distilled for us nightly on the ABC News at 7 pm, is that this is historic because Hillary is a woman, and the other lot are a bunch of reactionary old losers. News that does not support this narrative is not reported in the media, like this point of view:

Lion of the Blogosphere on Hillary’s convention speech:

Way too much grrlpower stuff, gloating in her sex’s victory over men. Lots of rambling about stuff that has nothing to do with anything important. Lots of talk about leftwing causes like global warming, gun control, minorities, LGBT, “immigration reform” (euphemism for amnesty and open borders). I don’t see how she gets any benefit from this speech.

As I predicted, a huge departure from Bill Clinton’s 1992 speech focusing on the economy and jobs, with lots of patriotism and Republican-sounding themes to appeal to middle-class white America.

And you will never see this in the media: Dramatic shift, Democrats now the party of the rich:

When I first started posting that the rich supported Democrats and supported Obama in 2008, I got a lot of hostile and disbelieving comments.

But let’s move ahead eight years. Does anyone now doubt that Hillary Clinton is going to win the rich vote? She will certainly win the top 1% rich by a really huge margin, and probably the top 5% rich by a smaller margin.

The shift of the rich from the Republicans to the Democrats has been going on for decades. It accelerated in the 2012 election, and because of Trump will massively accelerate in this upcoming election.

On media bias in reporting Obama’s convention speech:

Obama’s speech made the mainstream media news commentators gush like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Never before have I seen such a display of partiality.

The difference on the face of the ABC reporter for the 7 pm News, Zoe Daniels, when reporting the DNC and RNC was very marked. Dour and unsmiling at the RNC, she could hardly contain her smiles and ebullient mood at the DNC. I know she tries to be professional and not say anything too blatantly biased,  but it was too obvious and no doubt led to some choice omissions of material.