Hungary taunts Merkel over terror and says ‘our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels’

Hungary taunts Merkel over terror and says ‘our problem is not in Mecca, but in Brussels’, by Nick Gutteridge.

The bitter divisions ripping the European Union apart intensified today as Hungary launched an eviscerating attack on Brussels over migration and taunted Angela Merkel for failing to protect German people from Islamist terror.

In an astonishingly savage tirade the country’s leader Viktor Orban described the EU elite as serial “failures” and openly goaded struggling western European nations, describing them as “stagnated and incapable of change”.

The hardline Prime Minister called for a radical overhaul of the European project, decrying the growing loss of sovereignty to Brussels as a disaster and “one of the greatest threats in Europe today”.

Victor Orbasn and Angela Merkel

And he issued a stunning rebuke to Mrs Merkel on migration, blaming recent terror attacks on the mas influx of refugees and saying Hungary no longer looked up to its near neighbour as a paragon of stability and common sense. …

Eastern Europe is moving up via-a-vis Western Europe; blame the EU:

In a speech laced with menace and reproach he had particularly scathing words for the founding nations of the EU, who he described as an “old Europe” which were being left behind by newer, more dynamic members.

His stinging description of western Europe as “stagnating” will hit home hard in France, Germany and Spain, where economic growth has tanked and unemployment rocketed.

In an openly divisive move he contrasted their woes with the “prosperous” east – dubbed “New Europe” – which he called “viable, full of energy, capable of renewal, and seeking answers to new challenges”.

Without the UK, the EU is a struggling regional player:

In a withering putdown he also dismissed the EU elite’s delusions of grandeur, insisting that post-Brexit the bloc had ceased to be a “global player” and was now struggling to be of significance even in its own region.

Pointing to Brussels’ totally ineffectual role in the Ukraine peace process – which has been led by Russia and the US – he said that Britain’s decision to leave had “ended” the bloc’s attempts to be an international influencer.

And in a scathing assessment he said: “It is unable to protect its own citizens, it is unable to protect its external borders. It is unable to keep the community together, as Britain, the United Kingdom, has just left. …

Migration, he argued, “increases terrorism and crime” and “destroys national culture” in a thinly-veiled swipe at Mrs Merkel’s decision to roll out the red carpet to millions of people from the Middle East.

Wow, strong criticism of the global elite’s biggest project. You won’t hear a whisper of that on the ABC, ‘cos they’re too busy with Sarah Hanson-Young.

hat-tip Stephen Neil