A Major Political Realignment is Underway

A Major Political Realignment is Underway, by David Evans.

The biggest issue of the last 40 years in the West has been the size of government. This is also portrayed as one of freedom and liberty from government that has grown too big. This was the big theme that swept Reagan and Thatcher into power after the socialist excesses of the previous decades.


But in the last year or two there has been a pivot in western politics to a more primal or basic issue: security.

In the large Republican field of candidates, all but Trump were running on the pro-freedom/anti-government theme, and the try-hard Cruz did the best at articulating this theme and going the furthest. Only Trump started out with the security theme — beginning with his call for a wall.

Many of the pro-liberty conservatives are dismayed that Trump does not seem to care much about the liberty/government issue. Trump is not a small-government guy — if anything, his pronouncements hint that he wants to use big, interventionist government to solve certain problems.

Security is more basic and important than freedom, and when and if the current security issues are solved then liberty and government will re-emerge as the main issue. Until then, there can only be one Republican candidate to run against the politically correct, business-as-usual candidate, who unfortunately this time round is also unusually corrupt.

So far the PC crew haven’t reacted to the realignment. Maybe they haven’t even noticed it. Their side is stale and corrupt, too focused on parceling out the rewards of being in power throughout the permanent government of media, academia, and the media. They are the status quo, still relying on dividing the electorate and playing off identity groups.

This realignment of non-PC politics hasn’t reached Australia yet, but inevitably will as our security problems increase, and because we nearly always copy trends in the US and UK.