Tolerance Was A Lie The Left Used To Get Power

Tolerance Was A Lie The Left Used To Get Power, by Nicole Russell.

Liberals pretend to champion tolerance and diversity, but they’re increasingly intolerant of ideas with which they disagree.

For decades, liberals, with the help of the mainstream media, have championed tolerance of people groups and ideas, specifically on race, sexuality, and social welfare programs. Much of their success has been due to their claimed love for tolerance and big-tent pretense.

Yet it’s becoming increasingly clear many liberals don’t actually practice the very tolerance they advocate. They hold a double standard for one set of progressives—the elite media and politicians—and another for the rest of society, which undermines the Left’s credibility. That once-banner statement for liberalism—“I disagree but will defend to the death your right to say what you think”—is now dead, replaced with a naked, de-principled thirst for power. Those slogans were useful bait while they lasted. Now for the reality show. …

Progressives, especially during elections, advertise they welcome all minorities, that they support law enforcement and our military, yet in reality they do nothing of the sort. Those are empty words to garner votes. If liberals really cared about free speech, diversity, or tolerance, they would speak out against illiberal behavior like this, and against bigger expressions of it such as government efforts to silence churches and small businesses based on ideas about sexuality.

Here’s an alternative theory of leftist behavior: It’s all about patronage, access to tax dollars. Follow the money.