Polls Show Trump Catches up To Hillary

Polls Show Trump Catches up To Hillary, by Aaron Blake. Democrats must be starting to get worried. More “explaining” by the media will be needed to prevent Trump winning.

The GOP convention was, as was to be expected, very anti-Clinton. There were chants of “lock her up” and plenty of accusations lodged against Clinton. So it’s perhaps not surprising to see Clinton’s numbers take a hit. But they have been steadily getting worse for months and are now basically worse than ever before….

68 percent say Clinton isn’t honest and trustworthy. …The 30 percent who see Clinton as honest and trustworthy is now well shy of the number who say the same of Trump: 43 percent.

Her image has never been worse. …Clinton’s favorable rating in the CNN poll is currently 16 points net-negative. That’s unprecedented in the dozens of CNN polls on her since 1992. … This also appears to be the first time ever that Clinton’s image measures worse than Trump’s.

Just 38 percent would be “proud” to have her as president. … On this measure, she’s basically on the same footing as Trump, whom 39 percent would be proud of and 59 percent wouldn’t be.

Nearly half of Democratic primary voters still want Bernie Sanders.

Real Clear poll Jul 26

Real Clear Politics’ Poll of Polls shows Trump has caught up to Clinton, after being behind at all times.

NATE SILVER: Donald Trump gets huge lift after convention, now has 57.5% chance of winning election, by Allan Smith.

If the election were held Monday, Donald Trump would likely win. That’s what renowned statistician Nate Silver projected on Monday for his data journalism outlet FiveThirtyEight. …

Silver’s model had Trump winning in the swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire. He would win 285 electoral votes in Silver’s model.

It’s the first time in Silver’s “Now-cast” forecast that Trump has been projected to win.