A fundamental realignment of Western Politics is Happening

A fundamental realignment of Western Politics is Happening, by Robert Gottliebsen.


[Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary during Bill Clinton’s presidency] … says that American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment and the establishment.

According to Reich there are no longer “moderates” and no longer a “centre”. There’s authoritarian populism (Trump) or democratic populism (which had been Bernie’s “political revolution,” and is now up for grabs).

Reich warns that if Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party don’t recognise this realignment, “they’re in for a rude shock — as, I’m afraid, is the nation, because Donald Trump does recognise it”.

His authoritarian (“I am your voice”) populism is premised on it.

“In five, ten years from now,” Trump says, “you’re going to have a worker’s party. A party of people that haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years, that are angry.”

Speaking at a factory in Pennsylvania in June, he decried politicians and financiers who had betrayed Americans by “taking away from the people their means of making a living and supporting their families.”

And so when the New York-centred press followed [Trump’s] Russian money trail to Putin they forget that a big chunk of the US electorate is following a money trail of its own, and Trump knows it.

How long before this comes to Australia?

My guess is that the next federal election in Australia will be fought under the same rules.