The Stasi Never Died, It Just Went to Work for Angela Merkel

The Stasi Never Died, It Just Went to Work for Angela Merkel, by Baron Bodissey. The Stasi, of course, are the East German secret police, and Angela Merkel was a member of the Free German Youth (FDJ), the official youth movement sponsored by the ruling Socialist Unity Party in East Germany, and now Chancellor of Germany.

Last fall the German government invested a former Stasi agent [Anetta Kahane] with the powers necessary for cracking down on “hate speech” on the Internet. …

There are multiple volatile topics being discussed these days — especially concerning the “hate speech” activities of our minister of Justice and his loyal minions. While he delegated the dirty work to someone with great experience, at the same time the creators of so-called hate speech are being persecuted. And so Frau Kahane and her charity (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung) have been “finally” endowed with the necessary authority.

Now she has the completely legal and official possibility to really hurt (dissident) people, and harm them in the greatest way possible — and to destroy their existence. …

But none of these enterprising new organizations and alliances has yet taken a position against the escalating violence of the Left. Yes, they don’t even see a need even to talk about it. …

In front of this background we can already brace ourselves for a heavily regulated future with filtered news and a ban against thought. But the only power in the country that could actually alter the course is too concerned with themselves, so that there apparently isn’t any time left for the important needs of the rest of the country.

Grim times ahead perhaps. Certainly not humourful, because these censors are grouchy and dogmatic.

German State TV Runs Afoul of the Stasi Censors, by Baron Bodissey.

The German state television broadcaster ZDF did a light-hearted spoof about the new hate speech regime — just poking a little mild fun at Ms. Kahane and her organization, mind you. Nothing edgy or nasty, just a brief ha-ha to amuse the viewing public between soccer matches.

Well, communists — even ex-communists — are like Muslims: they don’t have a sense of humor. Especially when the joke is on them. So what did the Amadeu Foundation do? Yep, you guessed it: they demanded that ZDF remove the “hateful” satirical piece from its website.

Well that didn’t take long.