Gray areas remain on the Munich shootout

Gray areas remain on the Munich shootout, by AFP, translated by Google from the original in French.

The [German] police tried to lift the remaining gray areas on the motivations of the perpetrator of the shooting of Munich, a youth fascinated by mass killings, while a debate is committed to curing the weapons legislation in Germany.

Why is it passed the act? Did he purposely selected or random victims and how did he get weapons and ammunition? Several questions remain unanswered. …

The police will have to determine how he could get his weapon, a Glock pistol 17 caliber 9 mm illegally acquired: the serial number was filed down. Already a debate began in Germany on the need to tighten legislation on firearms.

Like with Orlando, the government is pretending the issue is gun control.

A French friend of a reader of the Wentworth Report writes:

They’re really trying to make us believe just any nonsense! Awful.

How do the authorities hope to remain credible?