Trump, Hanson and Kruger’s views don’t deserve ridicule

Trump, Hanson and Kruger’s views don’t deserve ridicule, by Gerard Herdnerson.

If Trump prevails over Clinton, the US will have a president who wants to halt Muslim immigration to the US until he “can figure out what’s going on”.

In other words, the US might have a president next year whose views on Muslim immigration are not dissimilar to those expressed in Australia this week by Nine Network presenter Sonia Kruger and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

Both women have been mocked in the media for their alleged prejudice and ignorance.

The professional way to respond to concerns raised by Kruger and Hanson is with logic and evidence. Not condescension, abuse or denial. …

This is an authoritarian position that equates disagreement with error.

It’s the hallmark of PC: playing the person not the ball, shutting opponents down rather than engaging with their arguments. It’s bullying, pure and simple. It makes for stupid and corrupt policy, because nothing is examined or discussed properly.