Q&A: ‘Good bloke’ Muslim lashed Hanson

Q&A: ‘Good bloke’ Muslim lashed Hanson, by Rebecca Urban.

The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings” on Monday nigh t… was present­ed as a typical Australian Muslim grappling with explaining to his son why their religion had made them a target for hatred, which has seen him hailed by some in the media in ­recent days.

But Mr Elomar holds ­strong political views of his own. His Facebook account, which ­appears to be held jointly with another person, is littered with foul-mouthed rants about “Zionist ­Israel”, capitalism and the West.

Good old ABC, ever reliable with the globalist PC propaganda. Truth is treated with such postmodern contempt at the ABC.

Ms Hanson said last night she felt she had been “set up” and would­n’t be rushing to appear again on Q & A any time soon. [Ms Hanson’s spokesman, James Ashby] said he had complained to host Tony Jones following the broadcast, particularly about the amount of time that had been dedicated to the issue of Islam, when he had been assured that it would be just one of many issues canvassed.

“There is an obvious agenda with the ABC,” Mr Ashby said. “They tried to tell me this bloke was a great bloke … how wonderful he was; that Pauline should ­really take some time out to meet up with this guy. He came across meek and mild, concerned about his 11-year-old son.”

So why did Hanson appear? It’s not a surprise what happens on Q&A. The only non-PC person who ever bested them was Corey Bernardi, a good few years ago, who stacked the audience — but they make very sure never to let that happen now. Hansen in the late 90’s used to drive the ABC to distraction because she would never let the ABC interview her, to take her down. She should resume that policy.

The ABC made similar broken promises to Joanne and I when they interviewed us in 2011. Joanne has been invited to appear on Q&A three times, but refused.

hat-tip Stephen Neil