Political correctness hits Potter play?

Political correctness hits Potter play? by Jo. There’s new magic where a white girl grows up to be a black woman in the new Harry Potter play, which is opening soon. The new “eighth book” is about the lives of the former Hogwarts students as 40-year-olds. It’s being described as such a winner that it may play for years.

Check out the actress, Noma, who plays the older Hermoine. Emma Watson has said she felt as if she was “meeting her older self” as she embraced the actor who plays Hermione

If you don’t believe your eyes, try the photos here, including:

Cast of Hary Potter 8

Noma Dumezweni, who plays Hermione, center, with Jamie Parker, right, who will play Harry, and Paul Thornley, left, who will play Ron in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this summer. Photograph: PA

Suspension of disbelief taken to extremes … I predict it will not be a box office hit.

Good luck to them. Presumably in Harry Potter 9, Albus Potter will grow up to be a woman.