Supporting Sonia Kruger for her remarks about banning more Muslim immigration into Australia

Supporting Sonia Kruger for her remarks about banning more Muslim immigration into Australia. A reader writes to Michael Smith:

Dear Mr Smith

Is there any way of emailing a message of support to Sonia Kruger following her commonsense remarks on television that have attracted the usual vitriol and bullying from the Politically Correct left who are so busy destroying what took 2,000 years to build up in the West?

We certainly need more people like Ms Kruger to say those things in the national media because it has been  –  and is  – a fatal conceit of western societies to imagine that if we import millions of non-western people into our countries they will all magically become like us if we’re kind, tolerant, respectful, and give them lots of free things.

The fact is, they don’t magically start thinking like westerners; they take all the free stuff, privately consider we’re foolish, and continue with their old beliefs and cultural norms in the host country. In large enough numbers they therefore pose an existential threat to western society, its culture and norms. This is scarcely contentious: it’s completely obvious after a moment’s rational thought.

Ms Krugman should be applauded for saying what she did. It is her craven, politically-correct colleagues who should be the objects of disgust and derision for their failure to uphold free speech and who, though bullying, selective reporting, and lying-through-omission, push a viewpoint that is wholly at odds with what ordinary people in western countries think, and very dangerous for the survival of western liberal thought – to which they owe their own freedoms entirely. What an irony.

If you know how to forward this message to Ms Kruger that would be fine, as I don’t have a twitter account. But I would like her to know there are plenty of people who think the same way she does.

Kind regards

Michael Smith noted ways to send support, but alas no email:

You can send Sonia a message of support at Channel 9, on Twitter @SoniaKruger or find her on Facebook.