The Impotence of our Stupid Political Class on Islam

The Impotence of our Stupid Political Class on Islam, by Rod Dreher.

So, the other day, an axe-wielding Afghan teenage refugee maniac starts swinging at people on a German train. He wounded four people before police shot him dead. Police searching his living quarters found a hand-painted ISIS flag. … He was not known to habituate the local mosque in Germany. … He wrote “I am one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany.”

And what is the response of the German authorities?

Local authorities are calling for classes on Islam to be brought in at schools across the country after a radicalized Muslim youth attacked passengers on a train with an axe on Monday.

“It is appropriate to bring in classes on Islam in state schools or schools overseen by the state,” Gerd Landsberg, head of the association of local councils, told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday.

In this way the state can gain more control over the upbringing of Muslim youths, Landsberg said.

Islam has survived unchanged since its origin in 7th century Arabia. It is a powerful meme that kills disbelievers and apostates. Some school lessons are going to overcome that?


Dreher comments:

I spoke with a French friend this week, asking him what his take on the situation in his country is, post-Nice. It was extremely grim. He reports that the country is very much on edge, spiritually exhausted, and losing faith in the authorities’ ability to protect them. The problem of radicalization of France’s large Muslim population is overwhelming. He predicts violent conflict in the near future. And he has bought a gun for protection.

When a middle-class, middle-aged Frenchman decides it’s time to buy a gun out of fear of what’s coming next, you know things are bad.

 hat-tip Stephen Neil