The Case for Donald Trump

The Case for Donald Trump, by William McGurn. The alternative is President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

…Mrs. Clinton is the culture war on steroids. …

When presidents enter office, they bring with them about 6,000 people. From the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and White House assistants down to the lowliest Justice Department lawyer, Mrs. Clinton would fill her government with people who get up each day looking to tax, spend, regulate—and use the federal government to stomp on anyone in their way.

At a time when so much of American “law” — from the Health and Human Service’s contraceptive mandate, to the Education Department’s “Dear Colleague” letters on transgender policy, to the National Labor Relations Board’s prosecution of Boeing for opening a new plant in South Carolina instead of in Washington state — is decided by faceless federal bureaucrats, Mrs. Clinton would stuff these federal agencies from top to bottom with Lois Lerners and Elizabeth Warrens.

Here is the real problem nowadays, and a crying need for a new political movement. It is what allows political correctness to flourish.

In the past we had monarchs — and the desire for accountability led to democracy. But democracy only makes the head of government accountable, not the effectively unsackable bureaucrats who are protected by thickets of complexity and union privileges. Yet increasingly decisions by ever-bigger government are being made by unaccountable bureaucrats.

So there is the new political need: make bureaucrats accountable to the people. Complete democracy.