Robot lifts bricklaying to new level

Robot lifts bricklaying to new level, by Peter Williams.

Mike Pivac calls it the world’s biggest 3-D printer.

The Fastbricks Robotics chief executive says the next prototype of the company’s automated bricklayer should be able to build a house structure in two days.

Mr Pivac predicted the Hadrian X would be working at a building site about a year from now.

“We think from that time on, the world is our oyster,” he said.

According to Mr Pivac, who co-founded the $15 million Perth company with his inventor cousin Mark Pivac, that oyster is a global construction market worth up to $200 billion.

Human housebuilders have to work for four to six weeks to put a house together, and have to take weekends and holidays. The robot can work much more quickly and doesn’t need to take breaks.

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