Residents take up arms, vowing to fight back against rampaging Apex gangs

Residents take up arms, vowing to fight back against rampaging Apex gangs, by 7 News.

Residents are taking up arms in Melbourne’s west, fearing they’ll be the next victims of violent burglaries and car thefts. Vigilante groups have begun patrolling the streets as police warn locals not to put themselves in harm’s way.

This is from channel 9 a week ago:

The Australian media have been suppressing the problems with refugees from different cultures, and it is getting worse — and we keep importing more refugees from the same sources. Why?

At 5:32 race and culture finally get a mention, presumably because it is too obvious to avoid, but is quickly covered in a politically correct fashion:

They’re young. They’ve been described on may occasions as South Sudanese, Pacific Islander, but they actually cover all races. Some of the senior members have actually been Afghani, Pacific Islander, and other European areas.

What is the origin of the Apex gang? How about giving us the whole truth, and let us make up our own minds, instead of this politically correct censorship and misinformation. According  to the Age,  Melbourne’s very PC newspaper:

Named after the street in Dandenong where its founding members come from, Apex was formed more than 18 months ago. … Southern Metro Assistant Police Commissioner Bob Hill said the gang, originally consisting of young men of Sudanese descent, had grown to up to 150 members from a variety of backgrounds and from across Melbourne.

How many of the Apex gang are Sudanese? Who are the others? The PC sources are always vague, eager to say it is not just Sudanese. Here is the Daily Mail however:

Police dismissed warning of a riot threat for central Melbourne as ‘sh*t’ – hours before the violent Sudanese-based Apex gang rampaged through the streets in a vicious rolling brawl involving 100 people …

The primarily Sudanese-based Apex gang were filmed causing chaos on Saturday night as more than 100 members clashed in Federation Square and on Swanston Street in front of families attending a Moomba community event.

Who is responsible for letting these people or their parents into the country? Are such people continuing to come to the country? Why is debate not allowed on this? Why are Australians resorting to vigilante gangs in their own neighborhoods to protect themselves?How bad does it have to get before the PC crew are forced into an honest discussion?

Who is responsible, and how do we vote to get rid of them?

hat-tip Matthew