Kevin Rudd for United Nations Secretary General – Please

Kevin Rudd for United Nations Secretary General – Please, by James Doogue.

Kevin Rudd wants the Australian Government to back his run for United Nations Secretary General in 2017. The current Secretary General, South Korean Ban Ki Moon has been in the role since 2007. So I guess it is a 10 year stint. That is an awful long time. I’m sure Rudd can stuff the UN in much shorter time. …

Caucus members, it soon became clear, had never liked him. A psychopath, one backbencher called him. A narcissist, others said. He was a micro-manager and his office, by all accounts, was dysfunctional.

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UPDATE: Kevin Rudd ‘tailor-made’ for United Nations top job, Brendan Nelson says, by the ABC.

Former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson says Kevin Rudd is “tailor-made” for the role of United Nations (UN) secretary-general, despite his “very long list of enemies”.

Isn’t that an indictment of the UN?

UPDATE: Cory Bernardi says Coalition should not support Kevin Rudd’s UN bid, by Jared Owens and Joe Kelly.

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has insisted cabinet reject Kevin Rudd’s bid to become secretary-general of the United Nations, saying any nomination would validate his “disastrous” reign as prime minister. … He also rejected suggestions Mr Rudd could be no better than other “unworthies” selected to fill UN posts, saying Australia should not “abandon reason and suspend critical judgment simply because others do”.

The Coalition is expected to support Mr Rudd’s nomination for the position without officially campaigning for his appointment, in a nuanced position designed to appease conservatives within government ranks.