Girls’ school not for girls: Sydney teachers told not to use words ‘ladies’ or ‘women’

Girls’ school not for girls: Sydney teachers told not to use words ‘ladies’ or ‘women’, by Miranda Devine.

Staff at an exclusive Sydney all-girls school have been instructed not to use the words ‘girl, ladies or women’ in an attempt to avoid discrimination of LGBTI students.

Teachers at Cheltenham Girls High School have been asked to refer to students with gender-neutral language, such as ‘students’, according to the Daily Telegraph.

How progressive! As with most things progressive, its morality is undermined by its non-voluntary nature and by the need for the use of force:

The staff were informed to comply with the change of language, which was introduced under the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, or leave as they were ‘breaking the law’ and would be considered homophobic, News Corp claims.

Oh how wonderful. Transgress the latest PC edict and they will sack you and call you names. Bullies against bullying! How very post-modern.

The decision has sparked outrage with some parents who believed their kids were being forced to feel excluded if they didn’t take part in LGBTI activities.

Yes, this feel-good edict will have real consequences and mess up people’s lives — I predict considerable damage that has to be cleaned up in a decade or so.

The school also recently removed their Aboriginal flag to raise the rainbow flag at half-mast in commemoration of the US attack at a nightclub in Orlando.

The progressives must be ecstatic!

hat-tip Matthew