Australian media’s coverage of the Republican National Convention very PC and pro-Democrat

Australian  media’s coverage of the Republican National Convention very PC and pro-Democrat. I watched the ABC News last night for their coverage of the Republican Convention, which is the highlight of the Republican presidential campaign and where their nominee is affirmed and showcased. The ABC essentially just showed: (1) Trump’s wife plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008  speech (she did, but they both plagiarized other speeches — how much is there to say as the nominees wife?), and (2) there were some anti-Trump Republicans who were overridden and upset.

The ABC ignored what was said by Trump and the headline Republicans — perhaps because the ABC doesn’t want you to dwell upon their anti-PC positions? This is the politically correct media approach coming out of the US, duly copied by the PC outlets out here in the periphery.

Unfortunately Greg Sheridan in The Australian, who should know better, did much the same at the start of his article. However lower down he recovers by getting onto policy and the “stultifying and absurd” political correctness around Black Lives Matter.

This, for instance, is a strident anti-PC message that the ABC wouldn’t let you know about:

As for the media’s main focus, on the alleged plagiarism by Melania Trump:

Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention

UPDATE: Melania Trump’s speech contained lyrics from the Rick Astley song that people link to in what is known as “rickrolling.” This indicates that it is almost certain that her speech was intentionally sabotaged by someone involved in the speech-writing process.

The Rick Astley lyric is a mocking gesture, a flipped bird from the saboteur. …

Bottom line: A calculated attack was made on Trump’s campaign, his wife’s speech was hacked and an important success was turned into a circus and an embarrassment for the campaign.