TV host Sonia Kruger stirs Muslim migration storm

TV host Sonia Kruger stirs Muslim migration storm, by Caroline Overington. Following up on yesterday’s story.

“I want to feel safe.” With those five words, television presenter Sonia Kruger kicked off a national conversation about Muslim immigration: specifically, how much is too much?

Kruger, a dancer, singer and actor, was speaking yesterday to colleagues Lisa Wilkinson and David Campbell on the Nine Network’s Today show when she called for an end to Muslim immigration in Australia.

“There is a correlation between the number of people who are Muslim in a country and the number of terrorism attacks,” she said, adding: “You’re not allowed to talk about it.”

Naturally the politically correct jumped on her, suppressing her and anyone else who might dare to agree with her:

Social media ran hot all day, with Twitter — which tends to lean Left — running strongly against Kruger, while Facebook — arguably more mainstream — finding many supporters.

Watch her make the initial comments yesterday, the watch her PC fellow commentator immediately butt in and shut her down. (We normally wouldn’t allow these PC people airplay on the WR, because they get enough in the media, but we make an exception here to observe their tactics. Listen to the aggressive tone of voice of her male PC interrupter, and the automatic and contradictory nature of what he says. Trained to mouth PC nonsense. I got the impression he mostly just wants to shut her up and discredit her — no attempt to understand or acknowledge or find the truth.)

But others supported her:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott, who made it his business to “stop the boats” of mostly ­Muslim asylum-seekers from ­arriving without permission, said the migration program was “more to do with finding people who want to join Team Australia”. …

Asked if Kruger’s supporters were right to feel afraid, Mr Abbott said: “We need to face the future with confidence but it’s easier to be confident when you know the challenge you face, and dealing with radical Islam is one of the great existential challenges of our time. In my view it’s very hard to reconcile what’s in the Koran with a modern, secular, pluralist democracy.”

Sonia Kruger defends Muslim comments: ‘It rocked me to the core’, by Sally Rawsthorne.

TV star Sonia Kruger has reacted to online hate in an emotional appearance on Channel 9 this morning defending yesterday’s comments that Australia would be safer if it temporarily banned Muslim migrants.

Holding back tears, Kruger told the show “I acknowledge my views yesterday may have been extreme,” but that she’d been “rocked to the core” by recent acts of terrorism.

No, don’t apologize to the bullies, it only encourages them. But she holds her ground:

While she claimed to have “a lot of very good friends who are Muslim,” Kruger said that ­Islamic immigration directly correlated with terrorist attacks. “There are fanatics. If you look at Japan, it has a population of 174 million and 100,000 Muslims and you never hear of terrorist attacks in Japan,” she said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil