Hanson mocked by the ABC-led pack, not one of which has her guts

Hanson mocked by the ABC-led pack, not one of which has her guts, by Andrew Bolt.

There is an undeniable problem in Australia with Muslim terrorism, Muslim hate-preachers and Muslim crime.

The political and media class, refusing the discuss this seriously and honestly, has just been told by half a million voters that enough is enough – they’ll vote instead for Pauline Hanson.

Yet when Hanson bravely defies hostile protesters to front up before a hostile presenter and hostile audience to join a hostile panel on Q&A, what happens?

Just more belittling abuse, mockery and horse-laughing, with dishonest attempts to suggest she’s taking fright at nothing worse than Guy Sebastian lookalikes and Labor politicians who just happen to have been born Muslim. Journalists sneer, never having themselves shown anything like Hanson’s guts in fighting for what she believes.

This is the kind of show trial which will impress the smug and stupid, while frightening the unsure – which is its point. But more Australians – including those who don’t even endorse Hanson’s views – will look at this gutless pack-attack and feel nothing but fury and contempt for those who joined it.

Q&A is a training show for the PC in Australia, the jewel in the crown of political correctness that is the ABC, which is the home of political correctness in Australia. Q&A trains Australia’s PC troops on what to applaud and what to condemn: these people and ideas are “good” and these are “bad”.

Q&A is also a show trial for the non-PC, aimed to present a non-PC figure in a bad light and discredit them. The non-PC person is always heavily outnumbered on the panel — and note that Tony  Jones needs to be included in the count because he is the PC puppet master, interrupting the non-PC victim if they make sense or get a roll on. That way the non-PC views are presented as a minority viewpoint, without widespread support, while the PC view appear to be in the majority. In reality of course, across society as a whole, it is the other way around.

I reckon you could start a pretty decent sized political party just from the people who want to throw their shoes at the TV when watching Q&A. Most sentient beings who aren’t PC or professionally involved stopped watching it long ago.

Joanne has been invited to appear three times on Q&A, but refused.