Sonia Kruger calls on Australia to close borders to Muslims

Sonia Kruger calls on Australia to close borders to Muslims, by The Australian.

Channel 9 presenter Sonia Kruger has called for Australian borders to be closed to Muslim immigrants.

Ms Kruger, who hosts Today Extra and The Voice on Nine, made the statement during a ‘Mixed Grill’ discussion panel with co-host David Campbell and Today host Lisa Wilkinson during the Today show. …

Ms Kruger later tweeted out a statement defending the right to discuss issues such as religion ’without automatically being labelled a racist’.

The dam-wall of PC bullying is starting to leak.

UDPATE: A reader writes that John Stone called for a near-ban on Muslim immigration in Sept 2006, in Quadrant Magazine:

There is an old adage that, when you are already in a hole, stop digging. The entry into Australia of Muslim immigrants over the past thirty-five years or so means that we are now in a hole. The first thing to do, then, is to stop digging. We should curtail very sharply, to the point of virtually halting, the further entry of Muslims within our immigration programs. That will be attacked as “discriminatory”, and so it is. We have every right to discriminate against the admission to Australia of people of any culture that we believe will be incompatible with the peace, order and good government of our country.

And the ALA called for a ban in March this year:

The ALA called for an end to “Islamisation of Australia” and guarantees of free speech at its WA launch in Perth last night, saying they are vilified as bigots and shut down in mainstream channels if they speak out against Islam.

UPDATE: Sonia Kruger’s Muslim comments: Stereotyping breeds hate, race discrimination commissioner says. Hmmm, when the PC elite stereotypes us as ignorant, redneck, racist, etc, etc. — that’s ok by the race discrimination commissioner? And when our chattering class competed with each other to express how much they hated Howard and Abbott (“I’d like to assassinate Howard!”), and by implication us for voting them in, that’s ok with him too? Note the two step process: the politically correct define what constitutes “hate,” then they outlaw “hate.” Just a fancy way of telling people like Sonia Kruger to shut up. Watch out that Ms Kruger isn’t now drummed out of a job.

And of course Islam is not a race. Rather it is a combination of religion and totalitarian political ideology, which is bent on making everyone submit (Islam means “submit”), and killing those who leave Islam (apostates). The fools who are still insisting Islam is a religion of peace should leave public life in shame.

hat-tip Stephen Neil