Massive Migrant Camp Set Up Near George Clooney’s Italian Mansion

Massive Migrant Camp Set Up Near George Clooney’s Italian Mansion, by Jerome Hudson.

A massive makeshift refugee camp has been established in Lake Como, the popular and secluded celebrity hideaway in Italy where Hollywood A-lister George Clooney keeps a home.

The migration of hundreds of people from Arab nations, Africa, and Asia was triggered following the Swiss government’s decision to close its southern border with Italy. …

George Clooney's Italian villa

The migrant camp is, oddly enough, just steps away from the front door of immigration activists’ George and Amal Clooney’s multi-million dollar lakeside mansion in Lake Como … It is unclear if the recent deluge of refugees pouring into town will have an affect on Clooney’s decision to sell or not. …

George has previously described Trump as a “xenophobic fascist” who wants to “ban Muslims from the country.”

With that much money Clooney will just move away from the problem. Too bad for those without so many options — guess they will have to vote for people like Trump.

hat-tip Stephen Neil