What do ordinary French people think of the Nice massacre?

What do ordinary French people think of the Nice massacre? By a reader of this blog.

A French couple are friends of a friend of mine. Professional sensible types, normal humble middle class people who make the world work and are quietly spoken. The woman is from Nice, and both live in France not far from the Mediterranean coast. What did they think of the Nice massacre?

They have always complained, increasingly bitterly, about two things. First, the outrageous arrogance of the Muslims in the south of France in terms of disrespecting French culture and flouting Islam in everyone’s face. Second, the treachery (as they see it) of the French politicians, at both the national and local levels, as they bend ever more to the demands of the Muslims at the expense of French culture and the native French.

Frech flag with Islamic symbol

Here’s the single thought, which shows where this has now gone. The Islamic murders in Nice on Friday? What had the couple said to each other? He paused, then said – “it’s very difficult for us to talk about it; we hate them so much”.

If they’re thinking that, so are a lot of other ordinary French people.

Contrast that with the types who have little dealing with Muslims in their daily lives, other than with the Muslim professionals who are fitting in. Especially from the more elite-leaning ones, complaints about Muslims are met with amusement and patronizing comments: “I’ve worked with several Muslims and they didn’t want to kill me” or “do you know any Muslims who want to cut your head off, tee hee hee?.”

Reminds me of crime, on which topic they say a left-winger is someone who hasn’t been mugged yet.