Survey reveals Germany’s top companies employ just 54 refugees

Survey reveals Germany’s top companies employ just 54 refugees, by Guy Chazan.

Germany’s deputy chancellor has written to bosses of the country’s [30] leading companies demanding they hire more refugees, after a survey found they had taken on a grand total of just 54.

About 1m migrants arrived in Germany last year, about a third of them refugees from Syria. Angela Merkel’s government has made it a priority to integrate them into the German labour market as quickly as possible.

But despite the large number of vacancies in the German jobs market — 665,000 in June — it has proven harder than expected to recruit the refugees into the workforce.

Check in five years and see how many have jobs. In Australia the rate seems to be derisory for Afghan refugees for instance.

A world of long-term welfare for refugees, from 5 May 2011.

MORE than 60 per cent of refugees to Australia have failed to get a job after five years, according to a damning Federal Government report into the humanitarian settlement program. And 83 per cent of those households now rely on welfare payments for income.

The greatest unemployment rate was recorded among new arrivals from Iraq and Afghanistan, with less than one in 10 finding full-time work and 93.7 per cent of households receiving Centrelink payments. …

It is the first investigation into settlement of refugees in more than a decade.