We need to tackle attacks like the one in Nice from the root

We need to tackle attacks like the one in Nice from the root, by Douglas Murray.

We still don’t have many details about last night’s attacker. But we know that the man driving the truck was called Mohammed. Of course that doesn’t mean there is any connection to Mohammed Atta, Mohammed Merah, Mohammed Bouyeri, Mohammed Sadiq Khan, Mohammed Abrini or the most famous Mohammed of all – Mohammed. On the contrary, the striking prevalence of people called Mohammed going nuts and slaughtering everyone is just an unhappy coincidence. It could just have easily been people called Gary or Nigel. …

Although politicians and pundits of left and right don’t like mentioning the salient facts – let alone draw any policy conclusions from them – the public are coming to their own conclusions about the problem. In a poll carried out two years before the Charlie Hebdo attacks, 74% of French people said they had come to the conclusion that Islam is an intolerant religion which is incompatible with the French state. I wonder what that figure will be now? …

In any case, a growing number of people feel they have got quite enough information already. They do not think it is their eyes and ears that have got it wrong, and they do not want to keep hearing from nearly every Muslim with any public profile that the problem is ‘Islamophobia’ or misrepresentations of their otherwise blameless and peaceable religion.

They want such people to admit – as many of the rest of us would admit – with burning concern and shame that they have a big problem on their hands which they need help in solving. Even now very few Muslim public figures are willing to do this. In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was asked about how to tackle ‘Islamophobia’. His response suggested that the newspapers and general public simply have to be corrected and re-educated about the facts.

hat-tip Stephen Neil