Former Obama Intel Chief: ‘We Are Losing’ Against ISIS: ‘We’re In A War’

Former Obama Intel Chief: ‘We Are Losing’ Against ISIS: ‘We’re In A War’, by Richard Pollack.

President Barack Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency believes the United States is “losing the war” on and off the battlefield against the Islamic State. …

Flynn is an active adviser on defense and national security issues to presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. …

His new book, co-authored with historian Michael Ledeen, was released this week and is titled, “The Field of Flight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies.”

Flynn said he wrote the book, “because I felt so strongly that we are losing. We’re in a war.” The war is being lost, in his view, because of political correctness “that our government doesn’t even allow us to talk about.”

Calls for a new military strategy:

Flynn and Ledeen call for the destruction of the “jihadi armies,” a digital and mass media campaign to discredit the radical ideology and mounting “a direct challenge to the regimes that support our enemies,” including North Korea, Iran, Russia and Cuba.

They condemn Obama’s heavy reliance on drone strikes and tactical successes on the battlefield, saying it “makes us feel good.”

But such successes are illusory because, Flynn told TheDCNF, “we think attacking in Fallujah and routing them again — for the third or fourth time now — that makes us feel good. Or we kill some guy in Yemen with a drone and we feel good about that.”

Says the Muslims do not deserve our respect:

The world has to face the very politically incorrect fact that “Muslim civilization is a failure. There were more books translated into Spanish in the last year than into Arabic in the last thousand years. You’re dealing with a failed culture.”

The historian added that “all this ‘faux respect’ and politically-correct sensitivities toward radical Islam are wrong. It’s wrong factually. It’s wrong empirically. And the Muslims know this. It’s not as if it’s a secret.”