Venezuela Now a Military Dictatorship

Venezuela Now a Military Dictatorship, by Bob Aldermann.

Venezuela’s Marxist President Nicolás Maduro (shown, below)… [declared] … that his new Great Sovereign Supply Mission would be run by the country’s defense minister, Vladimir Padrino López (shown below).

Maduro put everything that moves into the hands of Padrino: “All the ministries, all the ministers, all the state institutions are at the service [of] and in absolute subordination [to the new mission].”

Padrino, the head of Venezuela’s armed forces, now will be in charge of transporting and distributing what’s left of products supplied by the crippled economy, enforcing price controls, and “stimulating” the economy.

President of Venezuela, Nicolás MaduroVladimir Padrino López

A former head of the armed forces commission in the now emasculated congress, Luis Manuel Esculpí, said, “This is now a completely militarized government. The army is Maduro’s [sole] source of authority.” …

Those who pose any sort of threat are jailed without charge and without end. Example: Antonio Ledezma, former mayor of Caracas and now a guest of SEVIN, Venezuela’s state security police. Late in the afternoon of September 19, 2015, his offices were raided by 80 members of SEVIN, some carrying automatic rifles, and the others armed with semi-automatic pistols. They smashed through the glass door of his office on the sixth floor of a downtown office building and, when confronted with the outraged mayor who demanded they show him a search warrant, they beat him mercilessly and then hauled him away in a black Humvee. … All public references to Ledezma — his whereabouts, the status of his so-called “trial” that opened a year after his arrest — have disappeared.

Isn’t is amazing how socialism keeps getting tried, and it follows the same pattern? Promises of something for everyone, then a failing economy, then a nasty military dictatorship.

This in a land so naturally rich that anything put in the ground grows, and blessed with the largest oil reserves in the world, the people are starving due to excessive socialism. Under socialism, the economy has regressed to do-it-yourself food. The division of labor and specialization that makes society immensely wealthier has broken down, because socialism cannot coordinate and motivate people adequately. Now raw military power is required to get people to cooperate on a large scale.

Some prominent Australian commentators lauded Chavez as the way to go a decade ago. Crickets now. See the suicide of Venezuela, also see here, here, and here.