UK: Oldham teenagers sentenced for torture of boy over £80 debt

UK: Oldham teenagers sentenced for torture of boy over £80 debt, by the BBC.

Five teenagers who tortured a 16-year-old boy over an £80 debt in a “sickening” hot iron attack have been sentenced.

The boy was lured to a house in Oldham, where he was stripped and branded, before lemon juice was poured on the burns, Greater Manchester Police said.

He was also bound with tape, beaten and had his hair cut off. … After several hours the victim was allowed to leave, having suffered terrible injuries.

After sentencing on Thursday, Det Insp Paul Walker said the attack had been “sickening and prolonged” and left the boy “terrified”.

He added: “The emotional scars from this shocking attack will haunt him for the rest of his life and I could not even begin to imagine the agony and suffering that he endured.”

This being the BBC there is no mention of the identity group of the perpetrators, but it gives their names: Shohaib Khan, Adam Hussain, Sufyan Yaqub, Ahsan Khan, and Naseem Ali.

Any chance that the Islamic teachings about contempt for and conquest of non-Muslims might have contributed to this crime? If so, who is responsible for allowing these people to move to the UK?