“CoiffeurGate”: French president Hollande pays his hairdresser over $10,000-a-Month

“CoiffeurGate”: French president Hollande pays his hairdresser over $10,000-a-Month, by yalibnan.

President François Hollande’s personal hairdresser has been paid 9,895 euros — over $10,000 — per month since Mr. Hollande was elected in 2012, about the same amount as a government minister’s salary.

President François Hollande

The new Sun King is a socialist, politically correct elitist. Nice hair, worth every euro! One wonders though, why doesn’t he pay for his hairdresser out of his own money like the rest of us?

The report is especially jarring for Mr. Hollande, 61, a Socialist who campaigned on the promise that he would be a “normal” and exemplary president but who has seen his private life spill into the open on several occasions.

Because our elites are corrupt and incompetent? At least the old Sun King had style: Sun King - Louis XIV of France