Andrew Bolt’s Book: Hard to sell when you’re not for sale

Andrew Bolt’s Book: Hard to sell when you’re not for sale, by Tim Blair.

“Andrew Bolt wrote a book and no one bought it,” writes Junkee‘s Osman Faruqi, who then helpfully provides a reason for this alleged sales shortfall:

“A bigger issue for Bolt was probably the fact that a number of bookstores simply refused to stock his book altogether. When it was first released Junkee thought it might be worth reviewing, given Bolt’s enormous national media profile and influence on Australian conservative politics, but we struggled to find a store that stocked it. We checked more than half a dozen book stores around inner-city Sydney and none of them were stocking the book. A number of sales staff laughed in our faces when we asked for a copy.”

Leftists hate free speech. Get around the Bolt book ban by buying his book here.

Book by Andrew Bolt

A new form of censorship by the PC mob: Bookseller cannot put Andrew Bolt’s new book on display in his shops for fear of causing upset to his staff.