Apology for writing so much about Trump

Apology for writing so much about Trump, by US blogger Lion of the Blogosphere.

[T]his really is the most important presidential election of my lifetime. Even if the only thing at stake were the Supreme Court, it would be the most important election of my lifetime. If Hillary wins, we will see a liberal Supreme Court. Maybe the reason why some conservatives don’t seem as alarmed about that as they should is because they think the only thing that the Supreme Court does is decide abortion cases, and the conservative court never made abortion illegal again, so they think it doesn’t really matter if liberals get control of the Court.

Well I assure you they are going to be in for a huge shock when they see how activist the new liberal majority will be. At the very least, over the next decade, I fully expect that we will see abolishment of Second Amendment rights, major gutting of the First Amendment for the purpose of punishing people who disagree with the liberals on climate change, race and the peacefulness of Islam, Court-granted amnesty for illegal immigrants, Court-mandated government programs to end racism (with racism being defined as unequal outcomes for blacks and other minorities), and a large expansion of executive power in order to allow Hillary Clinton to create liberal policy without the assent of Congress.

But even bigger, if Trump wins will we see the biggest realignment of the political parties since Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in 1932.

A Trump victory will be a huge blow to political correctness. Since politicians desire only to win elections, we will see large numbers of Republican politicians suddenly adopting Trumpism, and no longer being so fearful of being politically incorrect….

Trumpism is a rejection of extreme liberalism, and unlike the pre-Trump GOP which is mostly an uneasy alliance of anti-abortion Christians and people in the top 1% who want lower taxes for themselves, the post-Trump GOP will represent non-elite white Americans of all religious beliefs, as well as a surprisingly large number of non-whites who identify with non-elite white American culture. This includes “Hispanics” who are now second-generation and aren’t much different in their worldview from non-elite whites. It may also include Asians who vote Democratic because they are not Christian and therefore are turned off by the pro-Christian message of the pre-Trump conservative party; by dumping the Christianity, Trumpism can bring in Asian voters. (This is not about me being anti-Christian, it’s about getting Christians to stop making everything about their abortion issue which is scaring too many voters away from the Republican Party and is dominating the political discussion to the detriment of more important issues like immigration and political correctness run amok.)