Nixon’s 1968 Law & Order Ads

Nixon’s 1968 Law & Order Ads, by Steve Sailer.

I remember in the 1970s being amazed to hear that during the 1940s my mother and my Aunt Kay would go to the movies downtown several times per week. The idea that women had once been free to walk and take public transit at night in the city was astonishing in the post-Great Society era [i.e. post 1960s].

Commenter Owen:

In 1968, women still tended to vote Republican. But with the rise in barrenness, carousel riding, and spinsters the proportion of Democratic voting single women has been rising and Republican married women has been falling enough that women are now a Blue [Democrat] constituency.

Married women tend to vote right, single women tend left. The marriage gap is much larger in the US than the gender gap, but the PC media don’t want to talk about that.