Jennifer Lopez Quickly Deletes ‘All Lives Matter’ Tweet

Jennifer Lopez Quickly Deletes ‘All Lives Matter’ Tweet, by Jerome Hudson.

Singer Jennifer Lopez posted a tweet Tuesday that included the hashtag “#AllLivesMatter”:

Jennifer Lopez tweets "all lives matter"

Surely “all lives matter” is a nice and uncontroversial sentiment? Not any more; now it’s politically incorrect:

Black Lives Matter co-founder and self-appointed language cop Marissa Jenae Johnson recently declared that the phrase “all lives matter” is now unequivocally a racial slur.

Lopez soon deleted her tweet:

[T]he 46-year-old singer’s use of the phrase was met with scorn from social media users.

Lopez was using the tweet, at least momentarily, to promote her new collaboration with Miranda called “Love Make the World Go Round,” a tribute to the 50 people murdered during the Islamic terror attack on Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida.