Brexit and the prospect of Muslim-majority Europe by 2061

Brexit and the prospect of Muslim-majority Europe by 2061, by Michael Copeman.

By 2061 (when I hope to be 100) the future EU (including Turkey) may well be majority Muslim.  If that sounds far-fetched, consider that half of current EU citizens will be dead by then, and record low birth rates mean next generations will be small, while family reunions of current and future migrants, plus two generations of their own vast progeny, will tip the scales the Muslim way.

The unprecedent immigration to Europe by people largely of Arab background was no doubt a major factor in ordinary Britons recently voting for Brexit. …

The consequences of voicing personal resistance are interesting and appalling at the same time. First, you are told that lack religious tolerance yourself. Second, you are branded a racist, which means nothing you say need be given credence. Third, you could be the legitimate target for a protest, often with posters that say “Death to…” (Fill in the blanks.) And finally, you could face repeated terrorist atrocities (in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and now Australia) to soften you up for the final and absolute submission to a creed whose tenets demand no less.

Engish Channel, view to France

View of ‘White cliffs of Dover’ from Cap Gris-Nez (France) across the English Channel, Strait of Dover (20 miles, 32 km).

So, a majority of older, perhaps wiser, Britons said no to the likely Islamic invasion the EU would allow and voted for Brexit. Only by taking their island out of the EU could they protect their borders – and see if what worked to keep Britain safe before (but not always) might work one more time.

[This] appears not to have concerned younger voters steeped since infancy in the official doctrine of relativism and multicultural ‘tolerance’. Older voters recalled that the Channel has been a useful obstacle to invasion and subjugation.

hat-tip Stephen Neil