Andrew Bolt reveals ”string of death threats”

Andrew Bolt reveals ”string of death threats”, by Sam Buckingham-Jones.

Andrew Bolt has been forced to move his children to another home after receiving “a string of death threats” from an alleged supporter of Islamic State.

In an interview on his Sky News program with One Nation spokeswoman Pauline Hanson, the conservative commentator revealed the lives of his family had been threatened yesterday, forcing him to move his children to keep them safe.

“I spent some of my day moving my kids out of my home after yet another death threat from an islamist supporter of the Islamic state,” he said. “It’s been a very stressful day.”

Revelations of a threat come less than 24 hours after Mr Bolt wrote about Australia’s Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad in his regular newspaper column. …

Mr Bolt confirmed to The Australian had recently received “a string of death threats”.

“Let us just say that the race discrimination commissioner and all like him should get on the case of the real hate preachers who cause Australians to fear for their safety,” he said. “And they sure don’t include Pauline Hanson.”