BLM Back at It Already: Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?

BLM Back at It Already: Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir? by Steve Sailer.

In the wake of five white cops being murdered at the Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas on Thursday, you might think that BLM would have taken the weekend off out of mourning (shame). But no …

The usual obnoxious BLM rallies — e.g., blocking freeways, throwing fireworks and chunks of concrete at cops — were held again across the country on Friday and Saturday nights. BLM self-promoter DeRay McKesson, who recently snagged for himself a $165k job with the Baltimore public school system, got himself ostentatiously arrested Saturday. …

The upper reaches of BLM are mostly Obama-style quasi-black exotics on the career hustle: gays (e.g., DeRay), angry lesbians, wealthy black kids, black studies majors, blacks with one white parent or immigrant elite parents … the kind of educated individuals that the Clinton campaign and mainstream media are comfortable dealing with.

But the urban masses BLM is trying to rile up include a lot of individuals with poor impulse control and a documented history of violence.

Hillary has been playing fire.