Russia’s new spies blow cover with counter-intelligent internet photos

Russia’s new spies blow cover with counter-intelligent internet photos, by Mark Franchetti.

Russia’s FSB, the former KGB, is investigating some 50 of its latest recruits for misconduct even before the start of their career after they celebrated their graduation into the shadowy world of spying by brashly driving through Moscow in a motorcade and posting their pictures on the internet.

“You really have to be stupid to mark the start of a career in intelligence by telling the whole wide world that you’ll be a secret agent,” said a former KGB officer who worked as a spy abroad during the Cold War. …

“It’s completely unacceptable, shows how far they’ve fallen,” said Georgy Fedotov a member of the Civic Chamber which advises Russian president Vladimir Putin — who spent 16 years in the KGB and briefly headed the FSB.

“During their training over five years they are told over and over again that FSB agent should behave modestly, quietly and not attract attention. To stage a brash cavalcade like that has tarnished the image of the FSB. Serious questions should be asked about whether those that took part are fit to be agents of the FSB.”