Migrant Teens Walk Free In Sweden Ferry Rape Case

Migrant Teens Walk Free In Sweden Ferry Rape Case, by Chris Tomlinson.

Four teenage migrants walked free from a Swedish court after a judge ruled that the victim was “not drunk enough” for the encounter to be classified as rape.

The four migrant teens were accused of raping a young Swedish woman during a “Fun Cruises” student party ferry ride from Sweden to Finland in May of this year that was advertised by the organizers as “a crazy action packed day at sea.”

The judge in the case ruled last month that there was little evidence to prove that the sexual encounter between the four young men and the young Swedish woman was not consensual. … The court stated that the victim was not “particularly vulnerable” or that she could not “protect her sexual integrity.” …

Noted Swedish lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz … added that she was baffled that the court came “to the conclusion that a drunk young woman, alone in a cabin with four strange men, did not have cause to be afraid?”

The politically correct are protecting the Muslims with double standards and bizarre excuses:

Police and politicians alike have recently made bizarre assertions regarding migrant sex violence in Sweden with police blaming “Nordic drinking culture” for the rise in attacks. Swedish politician and feminist Barbro Sörman went even further claiming that migrant rape wasn’t as bad as rape by a Swede because migrants don’t know any better.