Public money wasted on domestic violence organisations

Public money wasted on domestic violence organisations, by Bettina Arndt.

Given that such shelters continue to cry poor, it’s about time someone asked where all Turnbull’s hundreds of millions of dollars are going. The answer is not just White Ribbon but the multitude of government-funded domestic violence organisations such as Our Watch, DV Connect, ­ANROWS, Domestic Violence Victoria. The list is endless. …

Support for the [women’s] shelters gets ­little attention from the powerful female bureaucrats running these thriving organisations, which downplay statistics demonstrating women’s role in family violence and promote the myth that the only way to tackle domestic violence is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to behave themselves.

Never mind that this flies in the face of the huge body of research showing most family violence involves ­aggression from both partners and that sexist attitudes are not a major risk factor for domestic violence in Western countries such as Australia.

The femocrats face a herculean task denying the reality we see all about us in terms of the real ­issues that underpin domestic ­violence in this country — including ­alcohol abuse, mental illness and poverty. “Violence against women does not discriminate, ­regardless of ethnicity, social ­status and ­geography,” Our Watch chairwoman Natasha Stott Despoja says.

Oh, yes, it does, Natasha. Just look at the neat little map produced by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showing prevalence of domestic violence offences across the state. The rate of domestic violence offences in Dubbo and Bourke is 60 times higher than in Sydney’s north shore or eastern suburbs.

The lobby groups keep themselves busy preparing fudged statistics and cherry-picked research findings to counter evidence produced by the few brave experts who still dare to speak out about the damage being caused by this narrow perspective.

Another politically correct industry fueled by bureaucrats and oodles of taxpayer money, probably doing more harm than good because it promotes an ideology over realism.

Like Jim Ogloff, a world-­renowned researcher on violence who’s in charge of research at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health.

Ogloff warned the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence that it was misleading to suggest domestic violence was caused by patriarchal attitudes, that at least a third of family violence cases involved ­violent women, that the literature on family violence showed high ­levels of violence in both male and female partners and that the message should be that all violence in relationships was unacceptable, ­irrespective of gender.

Oh the blasphemy. A large portion of domestic violence is by females.

Ogloff’s sensible words were drowned out by the flood of propaganda from the ­industry and naturally sank without a trace in the final report.

Well that’s how it’s done.